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Spiral Turn

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The Spiral Belt Conveyor Power Turn allows you to move your product up or down in a minimum of floor space. The belt keeps your product moving smoothly and continuously.

The Spiral Turn is available in the tower type as shown or in standard degree units (e.g. 90 or 180 degrees). The many configurations available provide the opportunity to select entry and exit points as well as elevation change. A wide variety of belt widths and radii are also available to solve most space limitations.

Most Spirals are available with 1″ diameter nose rollers (other diameters available) for small products. In many applications, belting can be furnished as one continuous belt (minimizing transfer points). As with all JanTec products, Spirals can be constructed of FDA/USDA approved components.


  1. A: Outside Radius
  2. B: Inside Radius
  3. C: Belt Centerline Radius
  4. D: Frame Height
  5. E: Bed Width
  6. H: MAX H/360°
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