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PRN Power Turn

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PRN (Pinch Roller, Nose Roller) turns make possible the transfer of small, delicate objects (baked goods, electronics, etc.) to or from straight conveyors to positive handling belt turns.

Our patented pinch roll drive (U.S. Patent #5,332,082) allows us to drive both the carrying surface belting and the return belting assuring a smooth, evenly distributed movement of the belting.

Due to this unique method of driving there is minimal pressure to be dealt with at either end of the conveyor. This lack of significant pressure allows us to incorporate very small diameter dynamic noserollers (as small as 3/8″ dia.) to transfer even the smallest objects (dime size).

In addition, since our nose rollers rotate, no heat or sliding friction is created which can build up and damage belting or products on the belt. Another factor which is key to many users is the pinch roll drive contacts the belt entirely outside the product carrying surface.

This combination of drive and noserollers may be matched to JanTec’s similarly designed transition conveyors and spiral units.


  1. A: Outside Radius
  2. B: Inside Radius
  3. C: Belt Centerline Radius
  4. D: Frame Height
  5. E: Bed Width
  6. F: Outside Trim Width
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