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We invite you to visit us at Pack EXPO 2024 in Chicago, IL on November 3-6. Explore the advancements we’ve made in the conveying industry and discover our latest conveyance equipment.





We help bakers handle raw cookie dough and move warm, fragile cookies with ease. We help textile mills move long, bulky rolls of carpeting around corners with little room to move. From the foundry to the pharmaceutical lab, JanTec equipment fits in everywhere.


We’ve turned your challenges into our success stories. Why? Because we listened to you, our customers, when you told us what you needed. We look forward to hearing about the new challenges you’re facing. Tell us your story. Chances are we’ll make a new conveyor.


Rugged – Flexible – Stylish – Long-Lasting. From a few pounds to extremely heavy loads, we build conveyors to meet your needs. Every one of our products exceeds industry standards. We use only the highest quality materials, so our products provide years of service. Let us help you move your goods safely, smoothly and quickly.

Designed For Your Needs

JanTec solves difficult material handling problems. We manufacture more than just traditional curve conveyors. We listen carefully to your challenges then customize conveyors to help you overcome them.

Some of our best innovations are developed this way. Learn more about how we come up with our ideas.


JanTec Power Turns are available in Standard, Heavy Duty (HD), and Small Pulley (SP) series, all available with a wide range of widths and radii to fit every application.

PRN (Pinch Roller, Nose Roller) turns make possible the transfer of small, delicate objects (baked goods, electronics, etc.) to or from straight conveyors to positive handling belt turns.

STR Models possess the strength and durability to handle heavy material handling, yet are also capable of displaying the most delicate items such as the smallest baking and confectionary applications.

JanTec’s Gravity Chutes provide unlimited degrees of rotation and unlimited height, not to mention tremendous problem solving flexibility.

In some 180-degree turn applications, where a minimal inside radius is desired (actually 0 radius), JanTec offers the unique Taco Turn.

The Spiral Belt Conveyor Power Turn allows you to move your product up or down in a minimum of floor space.

The unique Angle Merge unit offers the customer an extra dimension in the design and layout of conveyor systems.

All Our Products Are Made in the USA

We proudly make all our products in Traverse City, Michigan, United States using the highest quality materials and manufacturing techniques.